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October 2014 Featured Artists – Marcia Cummings & Spencer Westbrook

Every few months we feature a different artist in our Tasting Room. Come sip wine and enjoy the works of a local painter, photographer, or sculptor.

Marcia Cummings (painter)

Marcia Cummings | photo © Donna Granata

Marcia Cummings | photo © Donna Granata

Marcia Cummings has been a resident of California since 1979. She was born in northern Wyoming and graduated from the University of Wyoming, Laramie,  with a B. A. and an M. A. in art. She continued her studies at the Art Students League in New York, Vancouver, B. C., Canada, and at the California Art Institute in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Marcia Cummings’ art includes oils, watercolors, drawings, and sculpture.  Her work is included in numerous art collections. Cummings has been documented in Ventura county as a “Focus on the Masters” artist.

She has both exhibited and won awards in numerous venues and competitions, including The Studio Gallery in Oxnard, The Buenaventura Gallery in Ventura,  the Ventura Art Walk, the Orlando Gallery and the Whispering Spirit in California, Studio Unique in Colorado, the Shiloh Gallery in Wyoming, Long Beach, Women Artists of the West, the Ventura County Fair, and the Carnegie Art Museum in Oxnard.

Since graduation, she resided in Denver, Colorado; Kamas, Utah (outside of Park City), and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Marcia has taught art at the University of Wyoming and various classes for adults in Denver, CO., Oxnard, and Ventura. She spent a number of years doing commercial art, mostly sculpture and illustration for Special Effects, Inc., in Morrison, CO, outside of Denver.

Marcia is married to Eugene “Doug” Hubbard, now a retired Special Effects artist for the motion picture industry. They have twin daughters, born in 1983.

Spencer Westbrook (photographer)

Spencer Westbrook

Spencer Westbrook

Spencer is a Southern California born, self-taught photographer of California back roads, landscapes, environmental sensitive areas, and native wildflowers. He produces images in both color and black and white, film and digital, 35mm and medium (6×7) format. Spencer has been taking photographs for 30+ years in California and throughout the west. 

Spencer is currently retired and living in Ventura, California for 20+ years, volunteering at Channel Islands National Park, member of California Native Plant Society, Nature Conservancy, Friends of Los Padres National Forest, Ocean Conservancy, Theodore Payne Organization, and other environmental organizations. He has led wildflower photo tours throughout California, has been an active group leader with Macro Photo Tours, a San Francisco based photo touring company, for 10 years.

Spencer has displayed and sold photography for 20+ years at various art and wine festivals while living in the bay area. He continues to sell images through Art Concepts in Walnut Creek, California. 

July 2014 Featured Artist – Nosim

Every few months we feature a different artist in our Tasting Room. Come sip wine and enjoy the works of a local painter, photographer, or sculptor.

Nosim-header“Nosim, a name given to me when I was doing work with disabled Massai children in Kenya, means “someone who brings joy and happiness to those around them.” When I started to paint regularly I realized how much joy it brought my life and I hope this passion and love is transmitted to those that view my work. I find solace in the colors and their movement, and believe that the process of the painting and the emotions released during that process are just as important as the finished work.”

“Before I painted on canvas I found my passion in the streets, on dirty and textured walls in Ecuador through street art and stencil work. In my recent work, I continue to use old textured surfaces, and love finding ‘trash’ that can be painted on. I am especially in love with old broken instruments, door panels of varying sizes, and large scraps of used wood.”

Nosim's artwork displayed in our Tasting Room

Nosim’s artwork displayed in our Tasting Room

“I want to capture moments of every emotion, every second of every face and shadow and truly capture the deepest part of the soul. I am especially interested in the parts of us that we never talk about, the raw parts, our very inner most being, and finding our truths that we hide away from even ourselves.”  - Nosim

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