July 2014 Featured Artist – Nosim

Every few months we feature a different artist in our Tasting Room. Come sip wine and enjoy the works of a local painter, photographer, or sculptor.

Nosim-header“Nosim, a name given to me when I was doing work with disabled Massai children in Kenya, means “someone who brings joy and happiness to those around them.” When I started to paint regularly I realized how much joy it brought my life and I hope this passion and love is transmitted to those that view my work. I find solace in the colors and their movement, and believe that the process of the painting and the emotions released during that process are just as important as the finished work.”

“Before I painted on canvas I found my passion in the streets, on dirty and textured walls in Ecuador through street art and stencil work. In my recent work, I continue to use old textured surfaces, and love finding ‘trash’ that can be painted on. I am especially in love with old broken instruments, door panels of varying sizes, and large scraps of used wood.”

Nosim's artwork displayed in our Tasting Room

Nosim’s artwork displayed in our Tasting Room

“I want to capture moments of every emotion, every second of every face and shadow and truly capture the deepest part of the soul. I am especially interested in the parts of us that we never talk about, the raw parts, our very inner most being, and finding our truths that we hide away from even ourselves.”  - Nosim

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